As a professional Personal Assistant, Naji Jackson can be relied upon to be an excellent communicator, critical thinker, duly organized and able to solve problems as they arise.  She is conscientious about time management and flexible in being able to collaborate through apps such as Asana or old-school email and phone.  


Able to work efficiently with various vendors, Naji has managed home projects such as painting, shelving and window coverings.  She has a lovely easy-going personality, which made it a pleasure to be in her company.


San Francisco, CA

Naji was a Godsend. Not only did she handle my personal affairs, but she was very instrumental in overseeing my business financials; balancing my daily sales for accuracy, securing deposits, and paying creditors to avoid delinquencies. Naji’s understanding of technology is exceptional; and creating spreadsheets and composing correspondence on my behalf was one of her strongest attributes.

I have complete trust and confidence in Naji, and I recommend her without hesitation. It was a pleasure to know that I could call on Naji to handle my most important and personal matters with absolute trust and integrity.


San Francisco, CA

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